Website reboot


I originally started this website to share some of my music with a Creative Commons license. I quickly realized that picking the songs I want to share wasn’t that easy, and I’ve also been working a lot for video games, which obviously doesn’t work with sharing as liberally. So I ran out of material to post and the website was left to the tumbleweeds.

I have now decided to delete all of that old stuff. It probably wasn’t the best representation of my work anyway. Instead I will try to think of topics in music production, interesting new albums and artists, music gear and plugins etc. Hopefully there will also be links to my own music as I get things done. My hope is that posting little tidbits of something I know a thing or two about might be helpful to other producers out there, and that I might also learn from you readers if I ever get any.

Wish me luck on this new endeavor! Now if you’ll excuse me, I think there’s a delete-button that needs me to press it a couple more times..